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Everybody loves a Bali Wedding

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If you are all ready married, currently engaged or single, ladies you will have to agree with me a Bali wedding would be so romantic. I think the idea of marrying the man of your dreams on a stunning beach edge, sun shining, eating amazing food, strapless wedding dress, bare feet, bright flowers, palm leaves and starry nights, I have totally set the event in my own mind! Sharing a wedding in a holiday destination where your guests can enjoy the whole holiday vibe, I am sure that they would be so happy to join you both. Or maybe you just want to run away and enjoy the wedding with your man! Bali is beautiful.

Organising any wedding is a lovely experience that at times, can be very stressful. So I guess this blog post is all about tips, inspirations and also a fabulous way to start your journey to create you amazing wedding in Bali. When I start thinking of any wedding not only is the wedding dress high on the list, flowers are high on the priority. When you are getting married in Bali choose flowers that hold up in the heat. Please communicate this to your florist about heat-resistant flowers that won't wilt in high temps during the day and into the evening. I do love the on trend style of succulents this ideal, statement-making option that can withstand even the steamiest of wedding days.
One of the fun things on your wedding is list to pick a fresh colour summer palette, for all summer weddings, don’t choose darker tones. I love white weddings with pops of pretty pastels or bold bright colors, like bright yellows, coral, or pinks.

Being the summer heat, pick light and refreshing lunch or dinner menu, your summer wedding needs to be lighter, more refreshing fare, like simple grilled fish or chicken, a fresh salad, and seasonal vegetables with lots of sparkling water, cocktails, mocktails along with your wine list. Keeping it light and fresh allows your guests to feel light and not over “stuffed” with food in the heat.

One thing I love about weddings this the aisle design and I think with a summer wedding this is when you can get extra creative to style your aisle. From floral garlands to romantic candle-strewn walkways, for a romantic courtyard area, place flower petals from white to pink along the length of the aisle.The aisle of a ultra-romantic outdoor wedding was lined with greenery and burgundy dahlias, arranged by Poppies and Posies.To add a rustic touch to an otherwise formal affair, add arrangements of pink peonies, blush roses, and white tulips, accented with antlers, to decorate seats along the aisle.Having a barefoot beach wedding? Add a touch of formality with the help of church pews in the first couple of rows. Draped them with garlands of greenery and white roses and mix your other favorite flowers in your style.

Because I am an organised freak, my suggestion is to make a smart timeline for the day of your wedding times as the last thing you want to do is ask guests to stand around in the sun for hours on end. While we suggest keeping the time between your ceremony and reception short at any time of year, it's especially essential when temps spike

Overseas wedding tips, now these tips are for the final check off, you know the items that you may think is very obvious but you may miss
* Bride
Gown, veil, shoes, jewellery, garter, make up, ring any special extra items

Outfit, shirt, ties, cuff links, ring, shoes, speech, any extra special items

*Bridesmaids, flower girl and groomsmen outfits

*All contact numbers and email address of florist, accommodation, celebrant

*Ceremony Supplies, reception supplies (or DIY supplies to make) and any decorations

*Guest List

*License requirements

*rental details

* gifts

* give Mum or Bridesmaid the list too

* Pack for the honey moon

* song play list

I love packing, not only because it is exciting to be going on a holiday! It is the outfit layouts on the bed and making sure all items can be worn with other items to make different out fits. Somehow my items are items I just don’t wear at home, more of showing off outfits that are kept for special occasions.Yes, I over think it all! Packing light for me is a challenge

  • 1.Pick your summer items that are a must have like swimwear, dress and kaftan
  • 2.Stick to a colour palette and patterns that mix well together to create a different ‘look’
  • 3.Always add a thin knit jumper, tee, singlet and denim shorts
  • 4.Comfortable foot wear and thongs
  • 5.Light accessories that can change the look of any outfit or dress

Summer weddings are stunning in any location but to surprise your guests to travel to Bali, well to me that is pretty special.

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All images above are via Wedding and Events pinterest board See HERE for more