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Refund Policy

We have a refund to protect both Bali Florist Shop and our loyal customers.

If you feel that your flower were:

  • Not what you ordered
  • Not of the standard you expected
  • Not to the value you expected
  • Were wilted of damaged upon delivery
  • Delivered to the wrong address

You are most welcome to take a picture of the flowers and send the picture with by email, or my SMS to +62 813 3862 5637. Upon receipt of the picture of the flowers we will contact you and work closely with you to find a solution that leaves everyone happy. However, we must emphasise that the picture of the flowers must be received within 24 hours of the flowers being delivered.

If it is deemed to be the case that we both agree that the flowers were not up to our very high standards you will be offered either:

  1. An opportunity of us to deliver a new bunch of flowers with an apology note attached
  2. A full refund for the amount of the purchase – usually within 24 hours of the issue being settled