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Fun Friday continues today. The start of the show is guys using their beards to show off flowers. Kind of weird and cute at the same time :)

Everybody loves a Bali Wedding

If you are all ready married, currently engaged or single, ladies you will have to agree with me a Bali wedding would be so romantic. I think the idea of marrying the man of your dreams on a stunning beach edge, sun shining, eating amazing food, strapless wedding dress, bare feet, bright flowers, palm leaves and starry nights, I have [...]

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Bunga Papan

Bunga papan adalah sebuah karangan bunga yang berbentuk persegi empat dengan beberapa ukuran yang dapat disesuaikan dengan keinginan, pada umumnya bunga papan tersebut memiliki ukuran papan sebesar, 2x1, 2x1.5 dan 2x2. karangan bunga ini terbuat dari steroform sebagai alas dari rangkaian dan bambu sebagai kaki atau penyangga dari Bunga papan ini. selain bambu,steroform dan suyok yang digunakan untuk menulis ucapan di [...]

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Outside Style - Bali

Outside StyleHello Bali Florist friends, I am Simone Barter creator of style.life.home, interior and prop stylist living in Noosa, Queensland, Australia. Not only do I love styling beautiful homes for people to live in and enjoy each day, I also style pages of Australian magazines for everyone to enjoy, along with my passion to bring a room together I [...]

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Local Balinese Flowers

Did you know that we stock the largest range of local Balinese flowers of any florist in Bali?The good thing about local flowers in that they are extremely robust and resistant to the heat Bali, meaning that they are long lasting, freshly cut, locally grown, and hand made with love.

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Wedding Bouquet Friday

Check out this stunning wedding flower bouquet! This is heading to a secret location in Seminyak Florist this afternoon. Did you know that there are more than 70,000 weddings in Bali Florist every year? If you are thinking of having a wedding in Asia, please think of Bali. The sites, the sounds, and the flowers...simply [...]

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Be Inspired By Flowers

We feel like it should be a day of inspiration. On this day, in Bali, the seasons are changing. The heat has gone and quite literally the wind has picked up, and the yearly kites have started flying. We love Bali.

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Welcome To Bali Florist Shop Blog

As you can tell we have just launched our blog. Stay tuned for posts about Bali, fashion in Bali, fashionable flowers, styling tips, and much more. Loads of fun to be had researching and writing these.Helping us out with our blog will be Simone Barter from style.life.home, fashionista, stylist to the stars, and flower guru.Watch this [...]

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