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About Uluwatu

Uluwatu, located on the secluded southern coast of Bali, is a surfing destination about 30-45 minutes from Bali airport. Known for its first class cliff top resorts and private villas, Uluwatu is a luxurious tourist destination. Many of the most beautiful beaches in Bali can be found in this town. No wonder, surfers from all over the world include Uluwatu in their must-visit list.

The beaches in Uluwatu are very different from those in Kuta. Uluwatu beaches, although most are not suitable for swimming, won’t disappoint. What is more, luxurious resorts in the area are located on top of the cliffs therefore providing its guests with amazing views.

Uluwatu is the place to be in Bali when all you want to do is relax and get away from the crowd and the busy city.

Uluwatu is in the Bukit peninsula. A taxi from Kuta to Uluwatu would take about 30 to 40 minutes.

What to See in Uluwatu

The Uluwatu temple is the number one must-see in the area because of the experience it offers. The Pura Luhur Uluwatu or Uluwatu Temple is considered to be one of the six key temples or spiritual pillars of Bali. It is known for its location as it is perched on a steep cliff about 100 metres above the Indian ocean. This is the perfect place to catch a Bali sunset; while waiting, you can watch the big waves crash below the cliff. The Uluwatu temple also provides a nice view of the crystal clear waters where you can actually see swimming fish and turtles. The temple’s architecture and ancient sculpture where just bonuses to the overall magnificence of the temple.

There’s an entrance fee to enter the temple and proper attire is required. You can rent sarongs and sashes at the entrance if you didn’t bring your own. After sunset, you can watch the Kekac Fire Dance. This is a Balinese traditional dance featuring an exciting fire game.

The second major attraction in Uluwatu is the beach. You can find several exceptional white sand beaches in the Bukit Peninsula. Balangan has few visitors because it takes a bit finding where it is. But the stunning view of this beach is well worth the effort. Bingin is another white sand beach that is quite a challenge to access. The cliffs tend to be high but the ocean views make the journey worthwhile. About three kilometres north of Uluwatu Temple is the lovely Padang-Padang beach with white sand. The untouched and secluded Nyang Nyang Beach is also breathtaking but the 300 and more steps to reach the beach will take your breath away first.

Aside from the temple and the beautiful beaches, there’s not much to see in Uluwatu but the place definitely provides a calming and relaxing atmosphere. The place is too beautiful and soothing, you actually won’t want to do anything else. Also, most of Bali’s luxurious accommodations are in Uluwatu so if you go to Uluwatu just to unwind, you’ll certainly find the rejuvenation you’re looking for.

What to Do in Uluwatu

Surfing is the primary activity in Uluwatu. The waves in Uluwatu beaches are big so expert or advanced surfing skills are necessary. But if you’re not ready with the big waves, eating and relaxing are the best way to go. The attractions in Uluwatu are very few and a visit to the Uluwatu temple almost sums it all.

So if you don’t surf, then simply relax. Uluwatu is the perfect place in Bali to truly loosen up. Enjoy your day doing nothing and simply enjoy the beautiful surroundings. Uluwatu’s beaches can certainly calm your anxious mind. So take delight in breathing fresh air, feeling the wind blowing, and having an awesome time doing absolutely nothing.

Uluwatu and the entire Bukit Peninsula’s serene atmosphere made the area a popular destination for wedding ceremonies. The cliff-front Tirtha Wedding Chapel near Nyang Nyang Beach is a popular among couples because of its impressive design featuring modern architecture and a series of glass-walled pavilions.

Usual souvenir shops can be found at the entrance to Uluwatu Temple.

Where and What to Eat in Uluwatu

The number of five-star resorts and first-class restaurants surrounding Uluwatu continues to increase but you can still find several simple roadside cafes serving cold beer and good local food. Most of these small restaurants have no name and they cater mostly to the young surfing crowd.

Other restaurants serve budget-friendly local dishes. Among the food choices in these restaurants include sandwiches, salads, barbecue, bread, pastries, and seafood.

Uluwatu has no nightlife at all although you can still get a cold beer and relax on the beach together with the other surfers. If you want to go clubbing, you need to take a 45-minute travel to Seminyak or Kuta.

Things You’ll Love in Uluwatu

What you’ll love most in Uluwatu is its comforting atmosphere. Its beaches may feature big waves and surfers may populate the area, but other than that you have the beach all to yourself. Beachfronts have very few small shops, most have none at all.

The high-end villas surrounding Uluwatu are completely private as most are in secluded areas. Spend lazy days relishing the priceless Indian Ocean views and Bali sunset. The cliff-edge luxury resorts and villas offer breathtaking views that will surely capture your soul.

Most first-class private hotels also have wedding facilities as Bali is one of the most popular wedding destinations in the world. The Istana private villa in Uluwatu, in particular, is a cliff-top villa overlooking the renowned surf break. Most villas offer full service – with chef, driver and housekeeper – so you have nothing else to do but to relax. Hotels and private villas in Uluwatu are also perfect for honeymoons and romantic getaways.

If you’re on a vacation to unwind and have a break, you will enjoy Uluwatu. No water sport activity, tour, or retail therapy will keep you busy so you can fully chill out, do nothing, and just let everything go. Uluwatu offers you the calmness and soothing comfort you need to quiet down and take things easy.