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About Kuta

Kuta is a village in Bali, Indonesia. Once a rustic fishing village, Kuta has progressed and became one of Indonesia’s major tourist destinations. This is a commercialized and lively area of Bali. Its long sandy beach is known internationally and is frequently visited by professional surfers in Australia. It is actually the beachcombers and surfers of Australia who revealed its remarkable surfing beach which then pioneered the rapid growth of the village.  Kuta is an ideal place to learn how to surf. The sandy stretch of Kuta beach is clean and well-maintained and is often full of sunbathers and beach goers. The months of July and August as well as December and January are the peak seasons in the area so expect more crowd during these times. If you are looking into a vacation that includes surfing, swimming, sunbathing and partying, then Kuta is the right place for you.

What to See in Kuta

The area may appear to be chaotic and overcrowded sometimes because of the thousands of backpackers, groups and families who visit but the village continues to develop. Infrastructure has significantly improved although they may still be not enough for the thousands of visitors who visit. While Kuta has very little interesting attractions, the scenic beach is enough for many to find the chance to visit the village. So when you’re in the area, make sure you explore the beach and watch the sunset.

If you wish to pay tribute to the victims of Bali Bombing, you can visit the Ground Zero Monument which is a memorial built to remember the victims of the devastating bomb attack in Kuta.

What to Do in Kuta

Kuta is a place for beach lovers and party goers. Most of the activities in Kuta are related to the beach.

You can do swimming, sunbathing, surfing, and kite flying. Play beach soccer with the locals or try the slingshot adventure.  Surfing enthusiasts are fond of the long sandy beach without the dangerous rocks or corals. The shops along the beach usually offer private surf lessons and you can rent surfing equipment for a relatively cheap price. You can also sign up for an intensive three-day surfing course at one of the accredited schools in the area.

The beach wouldn’t be well-loved if it didn’t showcase a wonderful sunset. So be in place at around 5:30 PM to be able to catch the sun. And when the sun goes down, Kuta gets into party zone. Kuta nightlife is particularly active around midnight until 4AM. If you party in Kuta, make sure you are ready for the rough and messy kind of fun. Small lounge bars and sophisticated dance clubs are only a few and these are mostly located closer to hotels.

And because surfing and partying are both exciting yet tiring activities, it is logical that spa businesses thrive in the area. There are several spas in Kuta so you must shop and ask around to find the best package. Full body oil massages are cheap in Kuta but remember to ask one only from reputable spas and massage therapists.

Yoga and meditation are not the top activities in Kuta although these are also popular in the area and you can find yoga courses offered in spas and yoga studios.

When it comes to shopping, you can bring home surfwear and sportswear atleast 30% cheaper than their usual costs. Kuta Square is a well-known shopping area along with Bali Mall Galleria, Carrefour Plaza, Discovery Shopping Mall, and Riverwalk Mall.  You can also get a tattoo in Bali and try the experienced artists of Balinesia Tattoo. If you are looking for Bali souvenirs and beautiful handcrafted items, head on to Kuta Art Market which is a small, beach-side compact marketplace where you can find colorful sarongs, fabrics, placemats, magnets, surfboards, leather goods and furniture and other local crafted goods. Make sure you make good use of your bargaining skills to score great deals.

Where and What to Eat in Kuta

Indonesian food is flavorful and healthy. Coconut, peanuts, and spices are common ingredients in Indonesian dishes. You can easily find local Indonesian or Balinese food in the restaurants in Kuta. International and local cuisines are both available in the village. There are plenty of restaurants in the area offering a variety of dishes at mid-level to really affordable prices. Exclusive high-end restaurants are actually rare so even if you are traveling on a budget, you won’t get hungry in Kuta. Do try the beach-stall food for they are cheap but very filling and tasty. Remember to try the Bakso or the meatball soup offered by street vendors and experience local Kuta cuisine.

Coffee chains are numerous as well as restaurant offering grilled dishes. Several mid-range restaurants are offering international menu including Asian, Western, Italian, Mexican and Japanese cuisines. Local Balinese dishes are of course included in every restaurant’s menu. 

When it comes to drinks, Kuta’s bars serve alcohol excessively. Most of the bars in Kuta serve a house cocktail mixed with a local Arak or rice spirit base. You won’t get overpriced drinks in Kuta.

Things You’ll Love in Kuta

Aside from the beach and the surfing experience, you’ll also love Kuta for its central location and its people.

Kuta is a major transport center so you can easily go to the rest of the island through various transportation networks. The village is just a short drive away from the airport. The towns of Seminyak and Legian are within walking distance from Kuta and the cultural village of Ubud is just a 45-minute car ride away. With these, you’re sure to love the convenient location of Kuta where you have access to the interesting attractions all over Bali.

The people of Bali, in general, are warm and friendly and polite. This is also one of the major reasons why many tourists are attracted to visit Bali and its smaller towns and villages. The Balinese people are among the nicest people in Southeast Asia. Many tourists enjoy being with these wonderful people as they get to learn and appreciate Balinese culture in a fun and welcoming way.