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About Seminyak

Seminyak is an upmarket, more luxurious area in South Bali in Indonesia. It is at north of Legian and the party town of Kuta on the west coast of Bali. If you are looking for luxurious hotels and spas, high-end shopping centers and upscale restaurants, Seminyak is the place to go. Of course, this area is also well-known among tourists. In fact, Seminyak is a favorite hangout place of expats in Bali. The atmosphere at Seminyak is more sophisticated than the rest of Bali so expect to see a more glitzy clientele in this part of Bali. But ten years ago, Seminyak was once considered a remote separate village. Because of the developments in Bali, the town of Seminyak gradually transformed into an upscale tourist community.

Getting around Seminyak is best done one foot or through a motorcycle because roads in the area are mostly congested. The months of April through September are the best times to travel to Seminyak.

What to See in Seminyak

You can find the Seminyak Beach and Petitenget Beach in this area. These are grey-white sand beaches offering a quiet escape. The sunsets here are amazing.  Seminyak Beach, in particular, showcases beautiful white sand and great waves ideal for surfing. Expect to see many surfers on this beach. The Petitenget Beach, on the other hand, features the Pura Petitenget temple. The beach area looks mysterious and tourists rarely go to this place although locals come to swim or play in the sand or watch the sunset. Beach side ceremonies would be perfect in Pura Petitenget.

What to Do in Seminyak

You can surf, swim, sunbathe, and do snorkeling and scuba diving in this part of Bali. Adventure seekers can also try bungee jumping at Double Six nightclub in Seminyak Beach. Go horseback riding in  the morning and be able to explore the town.

And because you are in the upscale part of Bali, make sure you try the high-end spas in Seminyak. Experience a luxurious massage in a sophisticated setting without emptying your pocket. While massage in the high-end spas in Seminyak are much more expensive compared to massage rates in Kuta, Seminyak rates in general remain to be 50% cheaper still than what you would pay in a different country.

Of course, you have to shop in Seminyak. Check out the hip and chic fashion boutiques and designer stores in the area. There are also art studios and haute couture shops. High end fashion clothing made from linen and silk are what you can find in this area. You can also shop for intricate handcrafted accessories, silver jewelry, beachwear and young streetwear. If you are looking for tailored clothing, try Seminyak and see how fast and cheap you can get your tailored clothes in Indonesia.

Southeast Asian art are available in the many art studios in Seminyak. You can find fabulous painting collection of young abstract artists, pop art paintings, ceramics and sculpture, Buddha statues and ritual implements. Indonesian antiques and eclectic homeware are also available in Seminyak. If you want to get involved in the culture, enrol in one of the Balinese cooking classes available in the area.

You can also do some ethical shopping in Seminyak and purchase locally designed ceramics, environment-friendly housewares, Balinese handicrafts with profits going to charities, and some other indie products that carry some social responsibility in them.

Where and What to Eat in Seminyak

Splurge a little on your dinner and eat at one of the fine dining restaurants in Seminyak. Good food come with a good price in Seminyak in Bali, Indonesia so don’t hesitate about spending a little more than what you’d usually spend. Budget dining, however, are still available and there are several great places to find more affordable yet good food in Seminyak. Try Baku Dapa that serves genuine Indonesian food at great prices. The Café Tahu is popular among locals as well as Kolega and Warung Batavia.  Small restaurants offering food in mid-range prices, tea shops, gourmet cafes, and deli-style cafes can also be found in Seminyak. Queen’s Tandoor is considered as one of the best Indian restaurants in Bali so make sure you try a meal here. Asian, Italian and Western food are served in some of the mid-range restaurants in Seminyak.

The Kopi luwak or civet coffee from the civet cat is popular in Seminyak. The civet coffee is believed to be the world’s most expensive coffee so if you have the money to splurge, order a cup or two while you’re in Bali.

Seminyak also takes pride in its hip restaurant and bar scene. Your choice if you want to stay in one of Seminyak’s lounge bars, beachside bars, or ritzy bars. 

Things You’ll Love in Seminyak

You’ll enjoy rooftop dining in Seminyak. The weather is good and the area hence many bars and restaurants transformed their rooftops into amazing locations that offer unfettered views of the Indian Ocean. Here’s your chance to dine in under the stars and enjoy a romantic night in Bali.

And if seeing the stars make you fall in love, seeing the Bali sunset in Seminyak will make you fall deeply in love. The long stretch of Seminyak beach gets a little more crowded by 6pm as many try to catch the view of the golden sun dipping down over the ocean.

Bali, as a whole, is indeed a magical place and Seminyak represents the elegance of this amazing destination. You’ll love your stay in Seminyak ultimately because you get to sleep in a comfortable bed with a great view of the beach and your room is housed in a serene compound that is enchanting and romantic. The villas in Seminyak are in private compounds and offer boutique bed and breakfast accommodations. Expect to have your own pool in your villa and your own majestic scenery of the river, the beach, or the rice fields in southern Bali.  Seminyak is the place where you can enjoy a private, luxurious holiday.  For an island getaway that you will never forget, visit Bali and stay in Seminyak so you can have a private, comfortable and safe stay with the beach, the activities, the Balinese food and culture just within reach.