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About Legian

On the west coast of Bali, north of Kuta and south of Seminyak, you can find the suburban beachfront town of Legian. It is a sub-district of Kuta District of Badung Regency. When Kuta Village developed in the 1970s, its neighbor Legian was affected. Now, the town of Legian became a tourist destination primarily because of its proximity to the upmarket towns of Seminyak and Kuta. It also offers better accommodation in terms of privacy, budget, and safety.

This small town offers easy access to beachfront bars and shops. It presents a more peaceful and serene atmosphere compared to the other beach towns in Bali. This low-key area is the perfect escape from the crowds of surfers and Bali visitors.

The airport is at Legian’s south and it will take you 20 minutes to get there by taxi or car. And because Legian is in between Kuta and Seminyak, you can drive, bike or even walk to get to both areas.

What to See in Legian

Most of the hotels in Legian offers quick access to the beach. In fact, many of them are already on the beach area. This small-size town’s attractive beach frontage made it a popular destination among tourists. No wonder many mid-market hotels established their presence in Legian.

The go-to Legian Beach is located at the bottom of Jalan Padma, it is sometimes referred to as the Padma Beach. This beach offers a more relaxed vibe than Kuta in general. Surfers in Legian beaches are lesser in number too so you can enjoy the waves and the shore all to yourself. Most of the vendors of the shops along the beaches in Legian are nice and friendly.

The long north-to-south road between the hotels and the waters features a well-paved footpath perfect for your walking route. They close this road when ceremonies are being held in the area. So if you find it open, take the time to have a beach-side stroll so you can breathe in the serenity, beauty and calmness of the town.

What to Do in Legian

Given that Legian is a very tiny town, about the size of a few blocks in a big city, you can tour the entire town by foot if you have the time. Taxis and motorbike rentals are available though. Rental cars are likewise available.

There is not much to see in Legian except the gorgeous beaches. As expected of Bali, Legian offers one of the best views of the sunset.

If you wish to surf, you can rent boogie boards and surfboards from the surfing school based at the beach. The beach front is packed with locals, expats and tourists during weekend evenings. You can watch fire poi dancers and musicians having fun on the beach.

At around 5PM, beach football begins at Blue Ocean Beach. You can join in if you want to. If you wish to simply watch, get yourself a cocktail from one of the many beach front cafes. Check your watch and find your beach front seat before 5:30 so you have a beautiful view of the sunset.

Relaxation treatments are widely available in Legian. You can get massages, hair braiding, manicure and pedicure right at the beach. Fish spa is available at Jalan Melasti and Jalan Legian. For 15 minutes, small fish will nibble on the dead skin on your feet or hands. Full-range spa and massage treatment packages may be availed at Talaga Spa, Glow Spa at Mandira and at Legian Beach Spa at Legian Beach Hotel.

If shopping is your thing, Legian is a good shopping destination. It is full of shops selling everything you may possible need. They carry designer surfwear and swimwear as well as Balinese souvenirs. Because Legian is small, you can visit all of the shops in the area. You can find shell work or beads and other beach trinkets at Jalan Padma. Sarongs and fabrics can be found at Jalan Arjuna. Upmarket boutiques selling surfwear and sportswear are located at Jalan Legian. Balinese handicrafts are a plenty at the western end of Jalan Melasti. In its eastern end, or the Jalan Sri Wijaya area, fresh produce are available.

You can spend the morning walking the streets of Legian then have a good lunch at one of the beachfront restaurants. Relax at the beach in the afternoon until you see the sunset. At night, you can have some clean fun at the beach and the stretch of restaurants and bars. For the next days, you can spend it either on Kuta or in Seminyak.

Where and What to Eat in Legian

The famous Nasi Goreng (fried rice) and Mie Goreng (fried noodles) are available from outdoor warungs. These restaurants usually close around sunset. Other famous local food in Legian are the Bakso which is a soup with meatballs and the Rendang which is spicy beef in coconut sauce. Local and international dishes are served usually only in mid-range to high-end restaurants. Aside from local Indonesian and Balinese dishes, food from western cuisine is also being served. Thai and Italian dishes are also available.

Beach side dance bars are limited. However, beer is cheap in Legian and the people are nice so even if you have limited choices, you can still have a great time.

Things You’ll Love in Legian

Surfers and backpackers love Legian because of the variety of reasonably priced accommodations that can be found in this area. Because this small town is squeezed between Kuta and Seminyak, tourists or visitors have easy access to both famous towns.

Legian Beach may not be as popular as Kuta Beach but it offers the same charm. Some tourists may, in fact, consider Legian Beach to be better because it is quieter and less crowded. You can do sunbathing, swimming, and surfing without the loud crowd.

The cultural village of Legian is perfect for those who want some peace and quiet. If you are on a vacation and you wish to truly relax and get away from the city life, Legian would be perfect. Although it is Kuta’s neighboring town, it appears to be more mature and cultured, and definitely less rowdy than Kuta. This was once an agrarian village so expect the place to be simpler and more reserved than other towns in Bali.

The good location of Legian is the main reason why you’ll love this town. You can spend time between Kuta and Seminyak with less hassle in traveling.